The Erasmus Plus programm?

Erasmus plus is the european Union Programm in the fields of education, training youth and sport for the period from 2014 to 2020.

This year our project is, to develop and making a concept of an ecofriendly greenhouse. For this project we are working together with three different schools in Europe and every school takes care and is responsible for a different part of the ecofriendly greenhouse. Our aim is to have a functional ecofriendly greenhouse after the two years. Every half a year there will be a meeting with our partner- schools. Throughout the year we will communicate with Skype and emails to keep everybody updated about our progresses and new ideas.

The Members-schools

Lycée Hippolyte Fontaine

The High School is located in Dijon, France and is a school offering general education and vocational education. Their good equipment, competent colleagues and the key teachers, that are involved in the projects, are experts in the field of electrical engineering which allows us to work in a multidisciplinary project. Furthermore they cooperate closely with their colleagues of the branches environmental technology and metal engineering.

Colegio La Salle Virgen Del MarTestimonio Adriana López | I Carrera Solidaria por las ...

This school is located in Almeria, Spain and is a school with a highly transversal profile offering general primary and secondary as well as vocational education. In the vocational field they are specialized in health as well as administration and finance. The Colegio La Salle Virgen Del Mar has a good location in the central point of Almeria. Almeria is known for its important fruit- and vegetables Productions.

Lycée Technique d’EttelbruckLycée technique d'Ettelbruck – Wikipedia

This school is located in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg and has 223 members of staff and about 1300 students. As a technical secondary school they offer a vast range of courses and training programs. They have a general course of three years for students who come from primary education. After this course they offer 4 different sections: The commercial section, the technical and electro- technical section, Traineeships in metal section and studies in health and social section. At their school are large numbers of foreign students from a large variety of different countries. Integration and individual support are therefore key factors of their work. They especially focus on career guidance and vocational orientation.

Gottlieb-Daimler-Schule 2

This school is located in Sindelfingen, Germany and has ca. 2000 students. The schools offers pupils many profiles, the environmental technology profile is the one who takes part by the Eramsus Plus programme. They espacially focus on vocational education.


The Programm aims to make a positive change in Europe by offering learning and cooperation opportunities

The Erasmus plus programmers is structured in three key actions

Key action one is the learning mobility opportunities for individuals.

key action two focuses in strategic partnerships / aiming at innovation and quality

Key action three offers opportunities for young people to influence policy making and reforms by entering into dialogue with policy makers.

ErasmusPlus aims to improve different competences and improve the employability of young people promote young people’s social inclusion and well-being and foster improvements in youth work and youth policy at local, national and international level.

The EU support projects with one billion six hundred millions of euro is allocated. Over the 7 years.