Project Meeting Luxembourg 2018

Project Meeting Luxembourg

Monday started with us all being introduced. Next the groups presented their projects. After the presentations we had a guided tour through the school and we were divided into groups to get to know each other better. 2 students of the Luxembourg school took each group around.

On Tuesday morning we went to the technical room. There we built a microcontroller which can measure the temperature. In the afternoon we drove to a water power station and were allowed to inspect it with a guide, it was very interesting to see the huge turbines and to experience their function.
In the evening there was a guided tour through the small town Vianden, where we visited the old fortifications.

Wednesday was interesting. In the morning the programming of the microcontroller was the first thing on the agenda. When we were finished, we were invited for a guided tour through Luxembourg where we have learned a lot about the Luxembourg culture.

Thursday began with a lecture by a company called Water Hackers, which support water filtration and good drinking water. They work with schools across Europe, they visit them and educate them about water filtration.

The representative of Water Hackers explained to us how their filtration system is built and let us build our own small filtration systems from plastic bottles. The result was that we could filter dirty water and get out clean water.
The spanish group already built a waterfilter themselfs, which they then presented to us later in the day. They also explained us the construction of their self-built filter systems and how it exactly works.

Towards the afternoon we drove to one of the largest waterworks in Luxembourg, where we got a guided tour which it was very informative. Also, it was amazing to see how much drinking water is produced per day and how the individual machines work together.

In the evening we had a bit more free time than the last 4 days. We used the time to explore the medieval town of Larochette, while our professors went out to eat with the headmaster of the Luxembourg school.

Friday was our last day at Luxembourg. We discussed the meeting and talked about what we found good. We also exchanged emails and cellphone number to stay in contact with the other groups from Spain, France and Luxembourg. After dinner the school principal held an ending speech, we drunk some drinks together and then drobe back home to Germany


Projets Erasmus

Le premier jours du projet GreenEcoFriendlyHouse , nous avons visité le lycée EttelBruck au Luxembourg.

Puis nous avons créé des groupes avec diverses nationalités (Français, Allemand, Espagnol et Luxembourgeois ) . Et chaque pays a parlé de son lycée et a presentė son projet pour l’écologie .

Et pour le projet français nous avons commander un broyeur